Ecuador Travel Guide

Ecuador is situated along the Northwest Coast of South America. It borders Peru to the South Colombia to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the West. It is the third smallest South American country. The Equator runs through the country, and this is the reason why it was named Ecuador. Ecuador is home of famous Galapagos Islands, at 970 km. West from the coast.

How to get to Ecuador?
You can fly to Quito or Guayaquil. There are daily direct flights from the United States and direct or connecting flights from other parts of the world.
You can also drive to Ecuador from neighbor countries like Colombia or Peru.
Just note that there might be some visa requirements so make sure you have all the information before planning your trip.

When is the best time to visit Ecuador?
Ecuador has four well-defined regions with different weather conditions influenced by its height and location but mainly by the Andes, the Amazon winds, and the ocean. Therefore, there’s a wide diversity of microclimates in each area.

The Pacific coast has a rainy season between December and May; and a dry season from June to November with temperatures that hover around 73.5 and 97 °F (23 y 36 °C).
The highlands or Andean region has a rainy cold season from November to April and dry season from May to October with temperatures around 55.5 and 64.5 °F (13 and los 18 °C).
In the Amazon rainforest it is rainy and humid from January to September and dry season from October to December with temperatures that hover around 73.5 to 97 °F (23 to 36 °C).
In Galapagos, the weather is mostly warm between 71.5 y 89.5 °F (22 y 32 °C).

You decide when to come, however, it should be noted that any season is ideal to visit Ecuador. Don't wait any longer, come now!

Where to go in Ecuador?
What to do in Ecuador?
You can enjoy many diverse activities like experiencing wildlife in Galapagos Island, climbing volcanoes in the highlands, walking and discovering the historic center in the cosmopolitan Quito and Guayaquil, exploring the forest, swimming in the Amazon rivers and the most amazing waterfalls, relaxing on the best beaches, visiting ancient Incan ruins, and hiking to stunning lakes inside volcanic craters. There is so much to discover in Ecuador.

Most popular things to do in Ecuador:
- Cotopaxi and Quilotoa National Park
- City tour in Quito
- Visiting Middle of the World City
- Visiting Mindo cloudy forest
- Visiting Artisans Market at Otavalo
- Visiting coffee and cacao plantations in Mindo
- Cruise the Galapagos Islands 
- Snorkeling and kayaking in Galapagos
- Visiting the giant turtles reserve in Galapagos

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Where to stay in Ecuador?
There are numerous lodging options in Ecuador for all types of travelers and budgets; from beds & breakfast to luxury hotels in the main cities, or jungle lodges in the rainforest and ocean view hotels in Galapagos.

Most recommended hotels in Ecuador:
- Samari Spa Resort (Baños)
- Mansión Alcazar (Cuenca)
- Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel (Isla Isabela - Galapagos)
- Galapagos Sunset Hotel (San Cristobal Island - Galapagos)
- Angermeyer Waterfront Inn (Santa Cruz Island - Galapagos)
- Hilton Colón Guayaquil (Guayaquil)
- Grand Hotel Guayaquil (Guayaquil)
- Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel (Quito)
- Termas Papallacta Hotel Spa (Quito)
- Anaconda Lodge (Tena)

What to eat in Ecuador?
Gastronomy in Ecuador varies from one region to another. In the Coastal region food is based mainly on fish and seafood, also different types of plantains as garnish.
In the Ecuadorian highlands it is mostly corn and potatoes-based dishes, also pork. Soups are very common and popular because of cold temperatures.
In the rainforest the most traditional dishes are made with river fishes and other animals from the area, also yuca, Chinese potatoes, and tropical fruits.
In the Galapagos area, food is varied, delicious and fresh. There is a wide variety of fish, shrimps, and lobsters combined with native fruits and vegetables result in a delicious combination.

Traditional dishes in Ecuador:
- Motes (Hominy). Pillo, Pata and Sucio
- Cascaritas. Fried pork skin, with hominy and potato tortillas
- Chugchucaras. Milk custard filled empanadas, fried pork skin, fries, roasted corn, plantain and hominy
- Hornado. Wood-fired roasted pork with diverse sauces and cooked vegetables
- Fritada. Pork boiled in water and orange juice then fried. Served with hominy and fried plantain
- Locro de papa. Creamy soup made of potatoes and cheese and served with avocado slices and chili
- Llapingacho. Mashed potatoes tortillas
- Morocho. Morocho corn pudding with milk, cinnamon and raisins
- Guatita. Beef tripe and potatoes with peanut and spices

Where to eat in Ecuador?
- Casa Gangotena Restaurant (Quito) 
- Pim’s Restaurant (Quito)
- Cafe del fraile (Quito)
- El Salnés Gastro-Picantería (Quito)
- Los Tiestos Cafe Restaurant (Cuenca)
- Raymipampa Restaurant (Cuenca) 
- Dos Sucres (Cuenca)
- La Canoa (Guayaquil)
- La Pepa de Oro (Guayaquil)
- Muyu Galápagos (San Cristobal island - Galapagos)
- Almar Seafood & Grill (Santa Cruz island – Galapagos)
- FraFre Gastrobar (Santa Cruz island – Galapagos)